Things To Consider When Choosing Epoxy Flooring For Your Home

Although it's relatively new to the market compared to its counterparts, epoxy flooring is rapidly becoming a popular choice for many applications. Whether you're dealing with an industrial floor, a commercial space, or even a basement or garage, there are epoxy floor solutions that will work well for you. Unfortunately, many people who could benefit from this type of flooring lack an understanding of the flooring's basics. Here's a look at some of the things that you need to know about epoxy flooring to help you choose the right epoxy flooring option and finish for your project.

Epoxy Flooring Comes In Several Types 

One of the first things that you need to understand is that epoxy flooring comes in a few different styles. It's important that you understand the difference in these styles so that you get the flooring type that's right for your needs and that will last.

For example, some epoxy floor products are single-layer products, while others are multi-layer. Single-layer epoxy floor products aren't as durable, and they aren't true epoxy floor systems. If you're looking for an epoxy floor that's going to last and hold up to traffic in any area, you should make sure that you choose a multi-layer epoxy system.

In addition, be mindful of the application time. Application time refers to the amount of time you have to apply the epoxy flooring product after you've mixed it. While an application time that's too short can make it difficult to apply the flooring, an application time that's too long can leave you with an epoxy floor that doesn't cure properly.

Primer Isn't Always Necessary

You'll find that most epoxy flooring systems include primer as an optional first layer. While primer can be beneficial when you're looking to completely cover the color or look of the floor beneath, you don't necessarily need it. If you're opting for epoxy with a dark color, you won't have to worry about any bleed-through, so you might be able to apply your epoxy floor without the use of any primer layer.

You Can Add Texture For Better Traction

Although epoxy flooring is great for appearance and durability, it can be a bit slippery, especially after the sealant coating is applied. That's why many epoxy flooring installers opt for texture additives to help create some traction on the surface of the epoxy floor. These additives are typically scattered on the surface before the upper layer cures so that you have some traction when you walk on the floor.

These are some of the things that you should understand as you shop for an epoxy flooring system. Talk with your flooring contractor today for more help.