3 Tips For Selecting The Right Hardwood0

If you’re thinking of redoing your floors, and if you want a combination of warmth, beauty, along with the smartest use of your hard earned dollars, then you would definitely go with Hardwood.  The value that you get with a Hardwood floor far exceeds any other flooring type.  In fact if you talk to Realtors they would tell you that the price of your home will most likely be increased by the same amount as what you spend on a hardwood project, in other words dollar for dollar.

Here are 3 tips to make sure you select the right hardwood:

1) Find a look, colour and finish that compliments the rest of your room/finishes.  Whether it is your furniture, your other wood molding or wall colours and finishes, they should all work together and your choice of hardwood becomes important.  At Canadian Home Flooring, we can certainly help and suggest colours and finishes based on your home.

2) Hardwood is a long term investment.  Make sure you buy good quality products for you budget.  Cheaper is not always better.  By the same token more expensive does not also ensure quality.  Find out all the features of the wood you’re considering and don’t forget to ask about the finish of the wood.  It is after all the part that you walk on.

3) Pay attention to the warranty that you are getting.  Not all warranties are created equal.  Generally most warranties are 25-30 years for wear.  Some companies will pro-rate their warranty as time goes by.  Some will make it transferable.  Some, for example Torlys Smart Floors, have many aspects to their warranty program.  In fact they even offer a trade-in allowance for the entire duration of their warranty.

There are a lot of misinformation about the flooring industry, especially when it comes to Hardwood.  Do your research and understand what you are getting.

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