4 Ways to Properly Clean Granite Countertop0

For kitchen countertops, granite is the most popular choice.countertopIt is durable and versatile.Plus, it is available in an array of colors and looksallowing you to choose the right one to provide your kitchen a unique look.

How to clean your granite countertop

Use warm water. This is the easiest way to clean granite countertops. Pair it with phosphate-free biodegradable liquid soap (make sure that it does not contain other strong chemicals) It can eliminate grease and grime without damaging the material.

Dry it using cotton cloth. After cleaning it with warm water and mild liquid dish soap, make sure that you rinse it thoroughly and dry it up using a clean cotton cloth.

Avoid powdered cleansers or acidic cleaners. They can clean your granite countertop but they can be abrasive causing scratches to the granite. Stay away from cleaners with ammonia as they can damage the natural colors of the stone. You can use special cleaners designed to clean granite countertop. Acidic cleaners can scratch its glossy surface. Thus, you need to immediately remove spills from citrus or chemicals before they can spoil the gloss.

Use granite sealer. This is the most important step and should be done as soon as your granite countertop is installed.  It will help with liquids and oils penetrating the stone itself which can cause stains or discolouration to your granite countertop. Applying the sealer is easy. It is like wiping the countertop down, but make sure to use a clean cotton cloth and also make sure the surface is clean prior to sealing.

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