7 Essentials for the Ultimate Guest Bathroom0

by Jane Blanchard

Face it: You’ve judged your friends after seeing their bathrooms. You can bet they judge you for the same thing, too! And if your friends are paying attention to what your bathroom looks like, you know your in-laws are paying even more attention. Here are some of my favorite tips for keeping my guest bathroom fresh, stylish, and welcoming:

1. Great smellinbathroom ideasg soap in a great dispenser

Everyone’s going to use the soap and the dispenser which is the most obvious accessory. It’s easy to customize to whatever theme you have and at a relatively low cost! You can even make your own by adding a pump to your favorite glass bottle. Bring more personality into your bathroom with a fresh and clean smelling soap.

2. Cute hand towels

Again, an item that will definitely be used. Make sure to match them to your soap dispenser, but consider taking the risk of varying the pattern. When choosing a towel, keep the texture of your towel holder in mind.

3. Towel holder

Speaking of towel holders, those are a key factor too! There are so many style choices from bars to handles to hooks! There’s wood, metal, plastic, the possibilities are endless! You can really find a towel holder for any look you can imagine.

Tip: Limit the number of textures incorporated. If the shelving is wood, use wood.

4. Plants

Add some greenery to brighten up the bathroom! Foliage is a way that brings a sense of freshness wherever it is. Even if your plants are fake, a touch of nature adds a little spring into a space.

5. Superb organization

Keep things organized and visible with something subtle to keep things nice and easy for your guests to find! No more having to rummage through drawers looking for a cotton ball.

6. Lady Products

Find something stylish and discreet to hide feminine hygiene. If you have female friends over, this is a must have. Every girl has an emergency at some point and will be thankful to find rescue in a nice little box.

7. A Fabulous Mirror

Despite the much more used items, the bathroom mirror is the piece that everyone’s going to see. Take the opportunity to have a stunning frame. Mirrors can do anything from enhancing the lighting of the room to doubling the size of it. It all just depends on the mirror.

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