Bathroom Flooring ~ What Are The Best Options?0

Today there are so many choices when it comes to flooring materials it can sometimes make choosing the right flooring a difficult decision to make.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  The first step with any renovation is to plan out your overall design; your needs, wants and likes. Having an idea of what you want from your renovation and what you want it to look like when it’s complete is the first steps.

bathroom reno


Bathrooms are different in that moisture and water must be considered when choosing design elements.

Products in bathroom renovations need to be durable and can withstand the daily activity of busy families.

Flooring for bathroom renovations must be durable, water resistant and easy to clean.


Let’s look at some of the options for bathroom flooring:





bathroom vinyl

Vinyl flooring has become a classic, it has been popular since the 1980’s and still is today but has improved in quality and durability over the years. The advantages of installing vinyl flooring in bathrooms is a one piece of vinyl flooring installed has no seems making it easy to clean and resistant to mold and mildew.

Vinyl flooring is less expensive than other materials available but it’s lifespan may not be as lengthy as some of the higher end materials.





ceramic tile

Tile is the leading product for bathroom renovations for both flooring, walls, shower enclosures and vanities.

Tile is very durable, long lasting and is water resistant.  The options for tile design, colors and pattern is endless and designers can be very creative when it comes to mixing and matching of different styles and shapes.

Tile flooring can sometimes be cold on the feet during cooler seasons or in basement areas of homes; homeowners now have a choice of radiant heating which reduces the cold and warms the tiles from underneath.





bathroom hardwood


At first many people were skeptical to install hardwood in their bathroom because of the durability in a high moisture environment.

Hardwood flooring has improved dramatically over the years and the quality is superior to many products on the market.

Hardwood is very durable and with the introduction of hardwood laminate homeowners can choose with confidence to have wood flooring in their bathrooms.






Overall it depends on your renovation project, your design and preferences.  There are many options for bathroom flooring and choosing the right one is a major of taste.  Regardless of what flooring you choose it is always best to speak to a professional flooring consultant and find the best options for your renovation.


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