Bathroom Renovation and Flooring: Key Points to Remember0

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Part of bathroom renovations is changing its flooring to further improve the value of your home.But modernizing your bathroom’s flooring does not have to be done in weeks and involve lots of expenses. Canadian Home Flooring can provide you with stress-free remodeling of your bathroom at very affordable prices. We have consultants that you can talk to on how to alter your washroom. It’s free of charge so you’ll learn everything that you must know about this subject without having to shell out money for the consultation. We’ll simplify complicated details about bathroom renovation, including the type of flooring you’ll need, and walk you through the process of selecting the right design. Our specialists are ready to assist you when you visit our beautiful showroom at 1903 West Broadway, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Points to consider when remodeling your bathroom

Choose durable flooring

The type of flooring must be water-resistant and long-lasting. Porcelain, Ceramic and stone tiles are excellent choices. Marble, too, is great as it’s durable enough to last for years. Another choice that is gaining popularity is vinyl flooring.  It is washable and pretty easy to maintain.

Pick well-designed fixtures

Don’t go with blocky cabinet. How about a pedestal sink that comes with graceful lines. A claw-foot tub will make your bathroom unique. Canadian Home Flooring can help you choose ideal fixtures specific for your bathroom.

Save floor space

Canadian Home Flooring’s consultants will help you come up with a design that can make the most of vertical storage so you can save floor space.

Select the right lighting

In every bathroom renovation, it’s imperative to consider good lighting. Experts do recommend installing dimmers to make the room more pleasing to the eyes.

There are other points to consider when renovating your bathroom but these are the most important ones. For more tips on how to remodel your bathroom and modify its flooring, please visit us or call us up at 604-739-4477.