Benefits of Choosing Hardwood Flooring over Carpet0

carpet_imageHardwood flooring is ideal for home owners who want to provide their home with the beauty of nature while boosting their home’s value and character. Previously, hardwood flooring was only enjoyed by the more affluent homeowner.  These days, you can easily have hardwood flooring in your own home at an affordable cost. Canadian Home Flooring offers different wood flooring types with elegant tones providing your domicile undeniable appeal that’s both luxurious and rustic. You can visit our beautiful showroom at 1903 West Broadway, Vancouver, British Columbia to get an approximate flooring cost.

Should you go with hardwood or carpet flooring?

Carpet flooring absorbs sounds while it maintains heat, which is perfect for Canada’s colder climate. It is also ideal for homes with older individuals and young kids to avoid slips and trips. Unfortunately, carpet flooring is a nightmare if you have allergies.

Hardwood flooring, on the other hand, is healthier and safer for allergy sufferers. Although the budgeting of installing this type of floor is costlier than carpeted floors, it can last longer and it requires less maintenance. It may get scraped, dented or damaged especially when it’s installed in high traffic areas, hardwood flooring can easily be sanded and refinished. Replacing the entire wood floor is hardly ever necessary.

When you opt for this type of flooring, you need to find an experienced installer, like Canadian Home Flooring, who knows how to properly set it up to your home. It’s important to leave sufficient amount of space for the wood to expand and contract. That is, it must not be too tight or too loose.

If you attempt to do renovation work on your flooring and opt for a hardwood floor, you may contact us to give you some pieces of advice on what you need to make the renovation a success. Our customer support representatives will provide you cost estimates about how much you’ll need to shell out to attain such type of flooring. Or call us up: 604-739-4477.