Best Flooring Options For Busy Families With Children & Pets0

Busy families with children, teens and pets in the home can make parents somewhat selective in the choices they make when it comes to new flooring.

Advancements in flooring technology and improved workmanship over the years have developed exceptional durable flooring materials that give busy families more options when deciding on new flooring for their home.

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Busy families have busy homes with energetic kids and pets.

When choosing new flooring there are always a few things to consider.

1. Is this a high traffic area in the home?

2. Is this an entrance way that the children and/or pet(s) will enter the home?

3. Will this area be used for dining where there might be a possibility of spills?

4. Is this room used for bathing or washing?

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A room with high traffic in the home such as hallways, living rooms and the kitchen area are best suited with a resilient finish in either in a ceramic tile, a durable vinyl or hardwood designed to handle busy lifestyles.

An entranceway to the home may require more frequent cleaning from dirt and debris. Ceramic tile and thick vinyl flooring or laminate flooring are the most popular choices for entranceways because of their hard wearing finish that can withstand repetitive cleaning.

Pets can sometimes cause additional dirt in the home and there is the possibility of damage to flooring.

There are a wide variety flooring materials in the marketplace for pet owners such as stronger manufactured hardwood, laminates with clear protective coatings, strong vinyl and thick piled carpet.

With so many finishes and flooring varieties families are no longer limited to just one or two types of flooring. Flooring decisions can be made to compliment the design and esthetics of each room while being confident in the materials to withstand the daily activities within their home.

If you are considering new flooring it is always best to speak to a flooring specialist to ensure that you are purchasing high quality durable products.




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