Hardwood, Laminate & Cork0

  • When installing wood, laminate and cork, the installer should always work out of several boxes at a time.  This enables proper blending of the floor for length, grain and colour for the most appealing overall look.


  • If your flooring product is a floating floor (meaning it is not glued, nailed or stapled to the sub-floor), a minimum 3/8” or 10-15 mm gap must be left around the perimeter of the room to allow room for expansion.


  • If the floor is greater than 30’ in either length or width, transition pieces are required in a floating floor.


  • Always use an underlayment.  The proper quality of underlayment enhances the performance of your finished flooring surface.


  • Be sure that end joints are staggered at least 3 times the width of the board.  This ensures a more natural look.


  • Installing a laminate floor is relatively simple, but even still, there are some important guidelines.
  • Laminate flooring must be installed with sufficient perimeter space to expand. Also, it should not be pinned down by heavy objects like kitchen islands (install your floor around an island, instead). Following these easy pointers will ensure years of trouble-free performance from your floor.



  • Your professional carpet retailer will send an estimator to measure your room.  They will measure how much carpet you need, how many seams will be required and the best layout of the seams to suit your room.  They are experts and this step will ensure that your finished room is exactly how you envisioned it.


  • Depending on the thickness of your new carpet, you may need to remove baseboards or adjust doorways.


  • Although carpet is probably one of the most forgiving flooring products, make sure your sub floor is clean, level and in good repair.
  • Never install carpet over existing carpet.  Remove the old carpet and make sure your sub floor is in good repair – no squeaks or damage.


  • To minimize wrinkles, unroll the carpet and let it relax before installing.


  • Carpet under-pad, or “cushion”, enhances the performance and durability of your new carpet.  Choosing a high quality under-pad will make your carpet feel even more comfortable underfoot.  In some cases it may even add additional life to the warranty, like Richmond Stain Shield Cushion.