How To Pick the Right Hardwood Color0

Whether you want solid hardwood or engineered hardwood, wood floors can help enhance the market value ofRoomSceneProduct_Beaulieu_Vertical-1106_10025-150x150 your home. You can’t really go wrong when you choose to install new hardwood floors in your home when you are considering a renovation.

However, the color of the hardwood flooring must complement your cabinets, furnishings, walls, etc. If you don’t consider the right hardwood color, you’ll surely be disappointed in the end.

Choose the right color, texture and style

Color, style and texture of the hardwood can influence how you feel about the room. To make a huge room feel cozier, for example, we recommend getting lusterless, matt finish hardwood floors.

However, if you want your room to feel a little classy, then a dark hardwood floor can be the ideal option.

Most of our clients choose lighter colors, such as oak-winter white, maple-winter neutral and walnut-seashell white, to make their rooms feel more spacious.

Design Services

One of the many reasons why you would want to come to our showroom is we have a qualified installer on staff who has great taste with colours and designs.  At Canadian Home Flooring we offer this service as an added value and do not charge any extra for this design service.

The selection of hardwood floors displayed in our showroom is pretty large and you will surely find something that will complement the look you are trying to achieve.

One of the most common frustrations that many of our customers have is in this exact area of colour selection.  I have seen many agonize over the right selection for their situation.  This is where our designer and the experiences staff can really make a difference in the outcome for you.

Come and spend some time going through the many different hardwood selections, take a sample home to make sure it will look good in your home and then come back to us with your feedback.  And if you need to do it again, we can repeat the process.  We have all the patience in the world and want to make sure you final selection is one that you will be happy with.

At Canadian Home Flooring we can lessen the pain and frustration for you in finding the right choices for your project. Visit us at 1903 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC.