Is It True? Sunlight Can Fade My Hardwood Flooring?0

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This question is asked many times….

Can sunlight fade my hardwood flooring?


The answer is YES IT CAN but over time.

There are many things you can do to avoid sunlight damage and fading on hardwood flooring.





Tips on how to prevent sunlight from fading hardwood flooring:

1. Choose a professional high grade floor that has a protective coating.  Higher quality flooring is more durable and more resilient to fading than economical floors with less expensive finishes.

2.  Install louvres or blinds on the windows and adjust them so that direct daytime sunlight upwards away from flooring.  There will still be sunlight in the room but the direct rays will not be beaming directly towards the floor.

3. If your window coverings are drapes instead of blinds then pulling the drapes closed or installing a shear panel to block out direct sunlight rays will help reduce fading.

4. Periodically rearrange the furniture in the room.  Sunlight over time will fade flooring but not the flooring under furniture, moving the furniture even slightly or all together will not allow the sunlight to make permanent fade lines on your floors.

5. Windows with direct sunlight can sometimes cause excess heat in build up in those rooms, having a window tinting that diffuses sunlight will not only help to keep the room cool but will also reduce sunlight from fading the floors.

6. Avoid area rugs if possible or move area rugs around the room to avoid sunlight fade marks on your floors.

engineered hardwood flooringWhat can you do if you experience fading on your hardwood floors?

Hardwood flooring is repairable and boards can be replaced; solid hardwood flooring can be refinished in sections or the entire room.

An alternative to hardwood flooring in direct sunlight rooms is to use a laminated hardwood.  This type of flooring is engineered and does not have the same properties as hardwood flooring therefore it is more resistant to fading and can be more durable overall.

When selecting flooring for your home it is always best to consult a professional to help you find the best suitable flooring for your lifestyle and decor.  A flooring professional can also answer all your questions when it comes to new types of flooring and their durability.

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