Countertop – Is Quartz an Ideal Choice?0

Home_FlooringOne of the most popular materials used as a countertop is Quartz. It is durable, non porous and it is also easy to clean.Hence, it could be the right choice as a countertop for your kitchen or bathroom. At Canadian Home Flooring, we first evaluate what your needs are before we can recommend whether or not a Quartz countertop is an ideal choice for your kitchen or bathroom. You may visit our displays at 1903 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC to know more about the different types of countertop choices that you can choose from for your house. Our knowledgeable designers can walk you through the steps on how to select the right countertop based on where you want it to be installed.

Benefits of Quartz countertop

Durability is the biggest selling point of Quartz.  The majority of the new housing that are being built in Vancouver, especially almost all the new condominium construction is using Quartz countertops for all the kitchen and bathroom areas.  Hence, you can consider it a lifetime investment as it can last without much fuss for a long period of time.

It can withstand abrasive chemicals and heat. That’s why it is an ideal choice for the kitchen. Because it is chemically neutral, acids will not be able to damage it. Its solidity makes this material impassable by bacteria and other stains.

Are there cons of choosing Quartz countertop?

As with any choice that you make for your home finishes, Quartz does have some cons to it as well, especially when compared to another natural stone finish such as granite.  Most Quartz countertops that you see do have a consistency to the way they look.  Although this may not be considered a disadvantage there are those who like Granite because of its randomness and the fact that a surface will have a natural flow and variation of colour to it.

With a Quartz countertop you do not get this randomness.  What you see in the showroom is pretty much what you will get at home at the time of installation.

At Canadian Home Flooring, we showcase more than 9 different manufacturers of Quartz countertops with all their samples and selection.  Picking a colour and pattern that meets your colour scheme for your new renovation project will not be a problem.  So call or simply come in to see our entire selection and our great prices.