Know the Different Styles of Carpet for Your House0


Carpet offers the luxurious and soft feeling that no other flooring can provide.It just feels so good on your feet when you step on it after a busy day at the office. This type of flooring is a safer and more comfortable choice to reduce the risk of having injury as a result of a fall. It may require extra maintenance but nothing can replace the warm and overall comfort of carpet. This is one of the reasons that a great many of our clients at Canadian Home Flooring opt for this type of flooring. Our carpet specialists can help you choose the right style based on your lifestyle and budget. Stop by at our beautiful showroom at 1903 West Broadway, Vancouver, British Columbia to learn more about the different carpet styles that can we can install. To make an appointment with our proficient carpet installers, please call us up at 604-739-4477.

Different styles of carpet

Canadian Home Flooring will help you be aware of the different styles of carpet that we can install to your home. They are supplied by our partners, such as Shaw, Mohawk, Masland, Dixie Home, Richmond, Godrey Hirst, Unique Carpets, Your Home Style and Tuftex.

Our skilled staff members will be able to help you understand the basics of carpet construction. Generally, there are 5 styles of carpet: patterns, berber, textured plush, shag, and plush. The most versatile of them all is the textured plush that can be installed in every area of your house. If you like walking on your bare feet at home, then frieze carpet is a good choice as well. For a warm and elegant atmosphere, we recommend getting berber. The patterns for a looped or commonly known as berber are great for the living room or dining room as well as the bedroom. If you want the softest carpet, then you must choose plush as it can provide your feet with a rich, cushiony comfort.

If you are still not sure what style to get for your house, come and visit us to help you make an informed choice.