Make Your Kitchen Stand Out for Years to Come0

Kitchen renovations are typically big projects. When our clients visit our showroom, most of them are afraid27 may that their remodeling choices will look dated in a few years. But it doesn’t have to be that stressful.  It is actually easy to transform your kitchen into an attractive and functional room that will stay current for years to come.

We know that kitchen remodeling can be costly. However we are confident that no matter what your budget, we can refresh or renew your kitchen and give you a look that you will love.  We’ve done it countless times already!

Here are some ideas that are worth considering:

Choose white cabinet

White cabinets may or may not be your last choice but white is considered as the most marketable color. This is because it’s a style that doesn’t go obsolete. It makes your small kitchen appear larger because it reflects light.  However choosing white is not as simple as it sounds.  You definitely need some life in there so that it doesn’t look like a hospital operating room!

Our in house designer is great at putting the right colour pallet together so that the final look is clean and yet not blah!

How about hardwood flooring?

We all love hardwood.  Some people though are reluctant to use this surface in their kitchens. Hardwood flooring can give warmth and personality to your kitchen. It also makes your home pleasant and inviting. Whether you opt for oak, maple or even an exotic species, hardwood flooring can last for decades.  And what’s best is that as it ages it adds character to your home.

Choose quartz or granite countertop

Quartz and granite materials are timeless classics that have been used for many years. They’ll look good for years to come. Quartz and granite are high-end choices but they’re durable and can last a very long time.

Come and visit our showroom and see the countless choices that we have available for both granite and quartz.  Our showroom is located at 1903 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC.