Planning Your Renovation & Flooring Projects0

Renovation projects; whether it be a kitchen makeover, a new bathroom or a flooring upgrade, can be very challenging but also incredibly rewarding.

No matter what type of renovation project you are working on “planning” is the most essential part.

When your plans include installing hardwood flooring we’d like to share some valuable tips that will make your planning easier.

1. Always find a reputable flooring company that carries high quality flooring products.

2. Speak with a professional flooring consultant to determine the type of hardwood flooring that is best for you and your renovation project.

3. Understand the warranties and learn how to care for your flooring before it is installed.

4. Select the shade, grain, colour and gloss of your hardwood flooring to compliment your overall project’s design.

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Sometimes the hardest part of the project is deciding on the brand, the design and the colour of hardwood flooring.

There are a lot of decisions to be made so take the time to educate yourself and once you have all the information make your final decision.



Should we select dark flooring?

Light flooring?

Natural materials or engineered wood?

Do we want a high gloss or matte finish on the floors?

There are a lot of questions you will ask yourself and many decisions to be made when selecting your flooring.  Take the time to educate yourself and once you have all the answers to your questioins you can make your final decision.


Here you will find valuable information on their hardwood flooring product lines and also great information to help you with your decisions when it comes to selecting hardwood flooring.

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