Proper Ways to Keep Your Carpet Looking Great0

carpet_imageCarpet flooring is like hardwood or laminate flooring, it requires proper cleaning and maintenance to make sure it lasts for years. You should make it a routine to see results.

Tuftex, one of the better manufactures of carpet, recommend using cleaning products with Seal of Approval. Apart from the fact that they can keep the carpet looking great all the time, they meet the manufacturer’s warranty requirements.

Prevent or minimize dirt from getting to the carpet

You can do this by using mats. They can avoid dirt and grime from sticking to the carpet. You should place them outside and inside your house to significantly reduce the sand and grit that goes inside the house and which eventually will eat away at the carpet.


Leave shoes outside the house

Don’t allow anyone to enter your house with their shoes on. This will not only help you reduce dirt from getting into the carpet but it’ll also put aside wear and tear on the carpet flooring.

Clean the dirt quickly

One of the most important things you can do to prolong the life of your carpet is to vacuum often.  Most manufacturer’s recommend no less than once per week but if you can do it more often, all the better.

For spot cleaning you must only use products that won’t damage the carpet. By removing the spills as soon as they get on the floor, you can avoid stains from sticking to the carpet fiber, which could be more difficult to sanitize or clean later on.

Hire a professional

We’re not saying that you should hire a professional carpet cleaner every week to clean your carpets. Rather, we’re recommending having your carpets steam cleaned by a professional for deep cleaning every few months. This is to thoroughly remove accumulated dirt and grit from the carpet. Deep cleaning is necessary especially if your carpet is starting to look its age.

When you follow these basic cleaning tips, your carpet will always look at its best.

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