Quartz Countertop: Pros & Cons0

aprilQuartz counter top may still be new but it has already found its way to the counter top market.It has made a loyal following considering its good qualities.Choose Canadian Home Flooring to properly install your quartz counter top. We can provide you budget-friendly estimates and we can complete the job on time. Visit our beautiful showroom at 1903 West Broadway, Vancouver, British Columbia to examine our previous projects or call us up at 604-739-4477 to inquire about the estimated cost of installing quartz (or other materials) for your countertop. Our experienced staff members will assist you in understanding the better material to be used as a countertop. 


Attractiveness. No one can argue about quartz’ appeal. The stone has a consistent look and is rich, chic, elegant and luxurious.

Durability. It has a much higher density and robustness than granite and it is more resistant to chipping or cracking.

Resists staining. Because Quartz is non-porous it can defy staining caused by juice, oil, coffee and other sources of stains. Thus, you do not need to worry about bacteria or viruses thriving on your countertop.


Price. Although there are now quite a few more choices and brands that have entered the market thus driving the pricing down, Quartz countertop is still slightly more expensive than granite countertops. But given its performance pluses the slightly higher entry costs may be more than worth it in the long run. Canadian Home Flooring can help you find ways on how to lower the cost of installing this material as your countertop. We can offer you competitive pricing for quartz countertops manufactured by reputable brands such as Cambria, Silestone, Ceasarstone, Vicostone, LG, Diresco and others.

If you still desire a low maintenance, long lasting, stain resistant countertop that will look great for years to come, then a Quartz countertop is a great option.  Visit our showroom to know more about some of the other materials that you can use for your countertop.