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Coastal is the newest trend that everyone seems to be after. 

A room with the look and feel of a beach house, a place to relax and unwind that leaves you feeling like you are away for the weekend on the shores of the ocean.  Soft white walls surround these rooms that showcase the multi-coloured accents of pastel blues, greens and yellow.  These rooms are ideal for bleached or light pine hardwood flooring or bamboo flooring in a lighter tone that resembles the colour of sand.




Neutral Grey is one of the most trendiest and popular colours for 2015. 

The soft cool colours of grey painted wall blend easily and are easy on the eyes with off white ceilings.  Many designers are opting to blend other cool colours for a monotone overall calm colour effect throughout the room.  When it comes to flooring pairing these soft neutral colours with large plank pine or light oak hardwood flooring gives the room a chic country feel but for a more overall contrast and a sense of elegance many will choose a darker finish of hardwood flooring with a centered room area rug.



Country decor is once again making a comeback but without all the lace and ruffles. 

Today’s country decor includes warm organic greens and marine blues paired with light oak cabinets or pine and sometimes even painted cabinetry.  A distressed wood flooring in oak or pine compliment the rustic feel in these styles of kitchens and foyers.




Colour is making a comeback in bathrooms.

RoomSceneProduct_Beaulieu_Horizontal-2030_10144For years the white sterile clean look was grabbing attention from new home owners but today everyone wants some colour in their decor.  Mulberry, mauve and greens blended with white marble and large white bathtubs create a relaxing atmosphere to soak after a long days work. The best option for bathrooms is tile and there are countless options available.  Tile is durable and most practical for bathrooms but some designers have used laminate hardwood and luxury vinyl in lighter colours as an alternative to the standard tile.  This gives a warmer feel to the entire room but still offers durability and an easy to clean surface.



Bright patterns, teal blues, lime greens and orange are all a new rave.

Colour is large part of this new trend as well as adding fabrics that have retro designs of that from the 1980’s.  These vibrant colours and fun patterns will be best highlighted with a dark hardwood flooring or a blend of two different colours in various patterns.  Some may even select a zigzag pattern to go along with the fun and vibrant colour scheme.

Pretty pastels is becoming extremely popular in bedrooms for a soothing ambiance. 

The soft colours of orange, purple, green, aqua and pink drape the walls and splashes of colour are added throughout the room as accents with wild print fabrics and bright neon colours.   These rooms are welcoming and have a soft cool feeling to them which is ideal for lighter hardwood flooring or wall to wall carpet.



Black and white has always been a trend and will continue to be so for years to come. 

Today the latest trend is to add a splash of red here and there throughout the room for contrast.  These rooms are so versatile that they could be paired up with hardwood flooring of any colour but sometimes look best when wider planked flooring is used.




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