The Importance of Carpet Underpadding0


Your flooring professional can also inform you about the all-important carpet underpad. Underpad, also known as cushion, is absolutely necessary to prolong carpet beauty and longevity. Carpet cushion not only makes your carpet more comfortable to walk on, it also   absorbs up to 90% of foot traffic, which spares your carpet fibre and backing a beating. Using a quality underpad can increase carpet’s lifespan by up to 50% and, in some cases, extend your warranty. Underpad is now a highly evolved support material. Carpet cushion as thin as 9.5mm provides outstanding cushioning, noise dampening and heat retention.

Luxury, Comfort, Longevity

With simple vacuuming and the occasional deep cleaning, carpet will last for years.  As well, most carpets today come with warranties that reflect the industry’s confidence in their product. Other initiatives, like the FloorsFirst Buyer’s Edge Guarantee, ensure that you have absolute confidence in your carpet choices .

From value-priced lines like Vantage to top of the line Stainmaster products, carpet can be tailored to meet any homebuilding or renovation budget. Extensive colour selections can suit every taste. Even if you’ve chosen Banana Jellybean or Baby Turtle paint (look them up!) you’ll find a carpet shade to match or compliment your decorating choices. While dramatic patterned loop colours bring excitement to a room, traditional light browns and beiges like Interior Motives Taffeta Rustic Tile and Satara II Suede are timeless staples.

There is a place for carpet in every home. It is warm and soft to walk on, absorbs sound, and traps dirt and dust in between vacuuming. It is also relatively inexpensive on a per square foot basis, especially compared to expensive tile and hardwood. Carpet comes in a vast range of textures, styles and colours, so it’s easy to blend with your décor.  Carpet is a fabulous and flexible way to style your home, and that’s truth you can handle.