Trends and Ideas for Hardwood Flooring0

Hardwood trends

Even when you have many options for flooring in your home, there is one material that clearly stands out in modern homes. That is elegant and economical, hardwood floors. But what about a refreshing look that sets your hardwood apart from others? Before you start a renovation, look into ideas and research trends in the hard surfaces that you have planned for a home. Here are some ideas.


The Aged Look


Whether you are looking at engineered hardwood or solid hardwood, there are many different styles that can give your flooring a look and feel that says something special. In this case, if you want to reveal some personality and a classic, yet can actually take a beating without looking completely out of place, then an aged look may be just what you are looking for. Try using distressed, handscraped and/or brushed hardwood, since either can be a conversation starter as well as a beautiful touch that can accompany many styles.


Wide wood


If you look at the inventory and selection of flooring retailers, you will find that quite a few of the newer hardwood floorboards are five, six or even 10 inches wide.  Of course these are much wider than previous common widths. These wider boards are made from numerous tree species. This is a trend that was inspired mostly by manufactures and the considerations of cost. Although it has become a designer trend because of the cost effectiveness of the product, it also looks quite attractive and is a mark of a home that has been renovated or spruced up recently.


Dark stained flooring


Many people prefer the sophistication of wood, but don’t necessarily prefer traditional decor. These people often come around to look at either black or dark stained flooring as a particularly attractive option. This hardwood refinishing choice is often a black European White Oak, which could be coated with a wax oil sealant that gives it a glossier and darker appearance. Many designers and decorators find this a fantastic choice for people who would like to add a dramatic, monochromatic look to their house.


Whatever you have in mind and however you want your home to look, there is a beautiful hardwood choice that will undoubtedly fit what you are looking for.


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