Wood Floor Ideas for Your Kitchen/Bathroom Renovation0

When you’re renovating your house, you must not forget about the type of flooring you’re going to install.30If you’re unsure yet of what flooring you must install to your home, then consider these ideas provided by our specialists.

  1. Maple 

This is an ideal choice for powder room with black and white tile wall. You may think that it’s not an ideal choice for bathrooms. After all, it’s hardwood flooring.

But installing maple plank to your bathroom can bring warmth to the room. However, this is only great for a powder room that doesn’t have a shower.

   2. Oak

Many of our clients opt for this type of flooring as it can easily coordinate with any type of design in their house. Its color adds beauty to either the kitchen or living room. Oak is also resistant to wear so it’s a perfect option for areas with high traffic.

   3. Dark hardwoods

If you want to add luxury to your kitchen, you should go with ebonizing woods as they create the most beautiful sleek black appearance. Their color can complement any type of styles. But they usually stand out in a contemporary space.

   4. Cherry wood

This gives your room an exotic look. Cherry wood has multitude of colors that can give your room’s flooring a mosaic look. Among the exotic hardwoods, it’s the more affordable choice.

These are just some ideas that you can apply to your home. Our consultants at Canadian Home Flooring can help you choose wood flooring with sustainable design. Our company has different types of services that can help in remodeling or renovating your kitchen and/or bathroom. Visit our showroom and talk to our specialists about what you have in mind for your renovation project. They can help make your dream kitchen/bathroom come true.